Adventure of Life


From normal everyday life experiences to the most extreme ones. Whether it's a quiet evening in front of a fireplace or a trek through the mountain paths, from the hot beaches to the snowy slopes, Be Board is able to offer you what you need.


Auckland City of Sails

 The BLUE SAIL brand is designed for a man with an adventurous spirit and an eye for style. Positioned in a medium-high market, BLUE SAIL has a high-quality standard and competitive prices.

Italianità e stile


Qualità, stile contemporaneo, look moderno. Il brand Navy Sail entra a far parte della Ruta Fashion Group. Funzionalità e versatilità tutte da scoprire.

Limited edition


Ruta Fashion Group introduced the Limited-Edition Boarding Pass, inspired by the young world in perfect streetwear style. Essential lines, monochromatic colours and design in line with the trends and tastes of young people.

boarding pass
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